Specialized solutions for every segment

Flexibility and high quality service for the whole range of technologies

From cabinets to flooring, from windows to doors, our team of experts is here to help solve the problems around your project to create effective and efficient tailored solutions.

We work closely with our global network of retail partners to ensure a consistent, effective and high quality service for our customers: the right color, the right quantity at the right time.

Coatings for Building Products

Building products

We offer durable solutions for the building products sector. We supply high-quality industrial finishes for interior and exterior joinery, including windows, doors, claddings, decking, and more.

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Cabinets simply look better with our coatings. We supply a whole range of technologies specifically adapted to the distinct needs of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

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Coatings for Cabinets
Coatings for Flooring


Hardwearing protection and the perfect finish every time. We supply industrial finishes for solid wood flooring.

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From home or office furniture to wooden shelving, we’ve got it covered. We supply market leading industrial finish for tables, beds, chairs, desks and bookshelves.

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Coatings for Furniture

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