Our expertise

Tested to the limit

As experts in the industry-applied coatings, our dedicated teams across Europe in research and development, technical service, marketing and sales, and supply chain are continually striving to exceed our customers’ expectations. We offer a full-range portfolio (high-quality impregnations, primers, mid-coats, topcoats, sealants, wood oils, maintenance and care products). We ensure the long-lasting functionality and appealing aesthetics of our coatings on wooden substrates. Our products are based on waterborne (WB), solventborne (SB), waterborne ultraviolet (WB UV), and ultraviolet (UV) technologies.

In addition to thorough lab analysis and testing, we set up our global weathering program to ensure the high-quality standards of our exterior portfolio. In this program, we monitor the exposure of our product samples to various outdoor weathering conditions over an extended period of time. By accelerating outside exposure, we can define the durability of our systems and offer reliable solutions. These rigorous weather simulation tests help us demonstrate that coated wood and non-wood coat substrates (e.g., PVC, fiberglass, or wood composites such as WPC) can easily endure outdoor weather conditions even in extreme environments.

Proven durability

Our new 100% UV range has also been
undergoing our global weathering program
to be exposed in a wide range of climates.

Strong technical performance

By doing regular parameter checks and visual inspections, we are able to monitor the durability of our systems.

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Reliable and durable, whatever the weather

Our solutions and systems are tested and monitored in a wide range of locations and diverse environments, including:

  • Turkey: With around 240 days of sunshine, Turkey is an excellent location to test products under strong UV exposure.
  • Malaysia: Malaysia has over 210 days of rain, so we can expose products to extreme moisture and wet conditions to monitor long-term durability.
  • Canada: The tough wintery conditions of Canada are ideal for testing products in long periods of frost and snow.

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