Industrial wood coatings for flooring

Industrial finishes for all types of wooden flooring

AkzoNobel UV systems for high-speed flooring applications provide excellent wear and scratch resistance for a long durability and surface protection. By offering state-of the art topcoats at a variety of different color and gloss levels, we help our customers to deliver outstanding flooring products with an exceptional appearance that are easy to use and easy to clean. Our best-in class low gloss topcoats are used by industry leaders and stand out by providing great stability, wear and chemical resistance.

Our innovative Automated Putty System (APS) cured with LED lamps helps customers with spot repair to fill scratched from branches or orther defects.

We are working together with our customers to extend our portfolio with solutions specific for LED curing, which will allow to shift away from Mercury & Gallium lamps.

Our complete offer of industry leading coatings in combination with our excellent technical service will help you to optimize your production process.