Industrial wood coatings for interior and exterior joinery

High-quality, durable wood coatings for building products

With more than 200 years’ experience in developing state-of-the-art wood coating solutions, we offer a full range of products and systems to the wooden building products industry, including waterborne, solventborne, WB UV and UV products for both interior and exterior applications.

Our durable wood coatings for interior building products cover common applications such as interior doors, mouldings and trims, while our wood coatings for exterior products are typically used for windows, doors, claddings, decking and other applications.

Understanding your wood coating needs

Thanks to strong partnerships with industry-leading customers in diverse building products segments, we have a deep understanding of market needs and pride ourselves on providing durable, top-class products combined with high-quality service and technical support.

  • Windows and doors
  • Cladding and sidings
  • Paneling
  • Trims and moldings
  • Exterior utilities (playgrounds, decking, railing, outdoor furniture)
Coatings for Cladding and siding

Cladding and siding

  • High quality and durable products covered under the Extralife warranty
  • Waterborne and Solvent borne technologies
  • Translucent and opaque systems
  • Available in various gloss levels and colors
  • Our products meet the highest quality requirements as well as certification for low flammability according to CE requirements

Windows and doors

  • High quality and durable products covered under the Extralife warranty  
  • Waterborne and Solvent borne technologies
  • Translucent and opaque systems
  • Available in various gloss levels and colors
  • Technologies for wood and wood-aluminum substrates
Coatings for Windows and Doors

Paneling, Trims and Moldings

  • Waterborne, solventborne and UV technologies
  • Available in various gloss levels and colors
  • Technologies for wood and non-wood substrates (i.e. MDF)


From furniture to decking, our coatings can be used to ass colour, texture and depth to outdoor design schemes. You did not find your requirements here? Do not hesitate to contact us as we have plenty of expertise.

Other Coating Products

Unmatched wood coatings service and support

Our commitment to you and your business doesn’t end when you purchase our wood coatings products. We provide unmatched service and support to ensure you get the finish you need and help you make the most of your investment in AkzoNobel Wood Coatings.

Take advantage of our expert advice on the best products for your needs from our extensive network of trusted distribution partners across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, all supported by regular training and updates from our skilled customer service and technical teams.

Wide portfolio of products and technologies

We provide a full-service offering to industrial and professional applicators in wood and alternate substrate finishes supplied to building contractors, carpenters, big-box retail stores and consumers, for both new build and renovation projects.


  • High-quality impregnations
  • Primers
  • Mid-coats
  • Topcoats
  • Sealants
  • Wood oils
  • Maintenance and care products


  • Water borne (WB)
  • Solvent borne (SB)
  • Water borne ultraviolet (WB UV)
  • Ultraviolet (UV) 
Akzonobel building products wooden house extralife warranty

Extra peace of mind with Extralife

Our exterior wood coating solutions have a solid reputation for their high-quality, durability and reliability across a diverse range of products, technologies, and applications.

Exterior wooden elements on buildings can be subject to an array of different defects (e.g. cracking, blistering, flaking) and lead to warranty claims with highs costs. To prevent this risk, you can take advantage of our Wood Extralife warranty to guarantee opaque systems for up to 12 years and translucent systems for up to 7 years.

Innovative color and design solutions

We track color trends in fashion, automotive, electronics and architecture.

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Akzonobel colored wood samples
Akzonobel man with pad stand near wood

Global coverage

As an international company with a network of partners across six continents, we leverage our global expertise and local capabilities to support customers looking for long-lasting performance in interior and exterior applications, adapting our products and services to meet their evolving needs.

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Sustainability of building products

We manufacture product lines that make homes a safer place and contribute to their durability by having the highest fire-retardant rating possible for an organic material like wood.

We innovate to use our resources more efficiently: 1K wood and PVC window applications with no mixing, no waste, and no isocyanate; with instant drying to cut down on production times; with great mechanical properties for durability and adhesion.

We have an expanded warranty program, Wood Extralife, for door, window, and cladding manufacturers – up to 12 years for opaque systems and five years for translucent systems.

We contribute to a leaner, more efficient, and sustainable manufacturing process with on-site support for eliminating waste, cut down on production times, and reduce total costs.