Innovative colour and design solutions

Innovative color and design solutions

We don’t do dull and dreary. We believe in a more colorful world, full of energy and inspiration. Our aim is to help brighten up homes and communities by bringing color to people’s lives.

Our global team of renowned color styling experts combine their deep industry insight with influences from fashion, architecture, art, social media and popular culture to identify new trends and directions in color. We share these insights with our customers across the globe to help them make more confident color choices and create products that capture the mood of the moment.

Color of the Year 2024 is ‘Sweet Embrace™’

Sweet Embrace is a welcoming pastel pink inspired by soft feathers and evening clouds. It reflects the findings of global trends – that in an uncertain world, people are looking for belonging and reassurance. They are also in need of more peaceful environments and looking for joy in their everyday experiences.


MaestroHue® - the complete color system

MaestroHue® – the complete color system

MaestroHue® is a complete color system that gives our customers direct access to our new trend colors, proprietary software, equipment, color database, ability to create custom formulations, color matching support and much more.

Extensive database and regular trend updates

MaestroHue comes loaded with a comprehensive database of existing color formulations based on popular paint swatch books. All the formulations have been matched for accurate reproduction. The database is automatically updated with new colors every year, based on our extensive expertise, color trend research and insights.

Global Aesthetic Center

ColourFutures™ – expert analysis of social, economic and design trends

Consumers and customers worldwide find inspiration in our annual global trend research. ColourFutures lays the foundation for Color of the Year and its supporting color palettes, and is at the very heart of the team’s work at the Global Aesthetic Center.

Custom formulations

By using an attached spectrophotometer you can match customer samples and create custom color formulations. The software allows you to make adjustments to the formulations to achieve an accurate match. You can then store your formulations in the software’s custom color library for later use.

Custom formulations, MaestroHue® Custom

Color made easy

In addition to trend color updates, the system comes with a vast library of validated color formulations that you can quickly access and dispense. MaestroHue also gives you the ability to create new custom colors, and reproduce them with accuracy as needed.

This gives you access to a new business model in an efficient way – your own custom color program with quick turn-around for color matching and manufacturing. Additionally, you can produce the volume needed for a job with minimal waste, and maintain better inventory management.

MaestroHue® color matching software

MaestroHue® color matching software

Our proprietary color software is powerful, yet easy to learn. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple to operate and get accurate results. The software works in conjunction with tint dispensing equipment that outputs the proper formulation at the click of a button.

Tint dispenser

The COROB™ TATOCOLOR compact automatic dispenser is the perfect balance of performance and reliability. For over 20 years, the TATOCOLOR has proven its efficiency, accuracy and ability to eliminate the inefficiencies associated with manual dispensing by virtually eliminating human error.

Tint dispenser


The X-Rite Ci™51 Spectrophotometer is a versatile instrument for reliable paint matching on a wide variety of sample sizes, shapes, textures, and opacity levels. The unit can be used as a tethered handheld device or mounted for small-footprint benchtop use.

Lab support

Our customers will have full support of our lab. Whether you need help with accurately matching one color or need us to match your colors for you, we’re here to support you.

Secure cloud backup

You don’t have to worry about keeping off-site backups of your valuable custom formulation library – the software will periodically back itself up to online cloud storage. This ensures that your custom formulations will always be safe and easily recoverable. Only you will have access to your custom colors.