At AkzoNobel, we create reliable and trusted coatings solutions that are safer for people and safer for the planet. It’s an approach we call People. Planet. Paint.

We strive to lead our industry by empowering people and reducing our impact on the planet, while delivering the most sustainable coatings solutions for our customers.

From waterborne technology for joinery and furniture, or UV technology for solid wood and resilient flexible flooring, to PU and AC coatings for kitchen cabinetry, we design and develop products with both customers and society in mind. Coatings with outstanding aesthetics and physical properties that also comply with regulations and have a reduced impact on the environment.

People Planet Paint


We act with integrity and respect human rights across our operations and value chain, embracing diversity and inclusion, to transform the communities in which we operate.


We minimize our environmental footprint, reducing carbon emissions and moving towards zero waste by pioneering increasingly sustainable solutions and processes.



We constantly innovate to bring surfaces to life by offering our customers the most sustainable solutions that go beyond generations.

Our sustainable solutions

Our commitment to sustainability can be seen in both the products
and services we offer and our approach to business.

At AkzoNobel, sustainability is firmly at the heart of what we do and is a key driver for business development, innovation and growth. We use our industry expertise to develop sustainable solutions that add value for our customers, deliver economic value for our business partners and help create a more sustainable future for everyone.

We work to meet targets, especially to protect the environment. This is a key focus for us and for everyone. With us carefully minding all local and regional environmental approvals, our customers have one less worry and their products are eco-labeled.

Sustainable priorities

  • People and communities
    As a company, we look after our people as well as those in our value chain by ensuring a safe work environment and respecting human rights.
  • Reduced carbon and energy
    Our 100% UV range opens a window of opportunity to use your resources more efficiently.
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle materials
    Our team of technicians work with customers to take them to the next level of production, supported by our state-of-the art technical application centres and in-house testing.
  • Longer-lasting performance
    Our Wood Extralife warranty program offers you peace of mind for exterior wood elements.
  • Less waste
    Our complete colour system offers more colours and smaller runs with less stock and reduced waste.
  • Health and well-being
    Our fire-retardant systems help make homes safer places.

Environmental certification (ISO 14001)

We are proud to be ISO 14001 certified. It is recognition of our commitment to providing products that don’t negatively affect the environment.

We are constantly monitoring and improving our impact and promoting the use of safer and more sustainable products. This also means we take action to manage harmful substances in advance of legislation, futureproofing our products against changes in regulations.

Environmental certification (ISO 14001)
Local environmental approvals

Local environmental approvals

Our local experts know your markets and all the specific needs. Ask for your special requirement – we’ll help you!

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