Industrial wood coatings

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Talk to our team of wood experts

AkzoNobel Industrial Wood Coatings

More than 200 years of expertise in wood finishes

Talk to our team of wood experts

AkzoNobel Industrial Wood Coatings

Industry leaders in color science

Talk to our team of wood experts

High performance wood coatings to meet your individual specifications

From kitchen cabinets to flooring, from windows to doors, our team of wood coating experts is here to help.

We solve the problems around your project to create effective and efficient, tailored solutions. Our mission is to make the future better, easier and more sustainable with high quality wood coatings, excellent service and constant innovation.

  • Research and innovation
    3,000 scientists working with customers to develop innovative solutions
  • Collaboration and Partnership
    It is our daily business to work closely with our customers to create the best coatings solution
  • Color expertise
    Industry-leading expertise in color science, design and engineering
  • Technology expertise
    We offer a large range of technologies to catch your coating application needs
Innovative color & design solutions

Innovative color & design solutions

AkzoNobel is a global expert in color services – for every application. Our world-renowned color specialists collaborate across industries to bring the finest design, color and style to the markets we operate in.

Enjoy longer lasting color performance and protection

Enjoy longer lasting color performance and protection

Color performance and protection

Innovating for a more sustainable future

Sustainability is embedded into everything we do. It’s our driver for growth and it defines our innovation. We’re widely recognized as a leader in our industry, reflected by our performance in some of the world’s most prestigious sustainability rankings.

Innovating for a more sustainable future

High Quality Flexible Solutions

Specialized solutions for every segment

AkzoNobel provides robust, effective wood coatings for a wide range of industry segments. From furniture to flooring, cabinets to building products, we have the right product for every application.

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Personal touch and partnership

We focus on our customers with their special needs.

Therefore our approach is maximum flexibility in direct contact with our customers – or more accurately, our partners. With our high-quality service we can solve any problem that arises in the partnership, and finish with the perfect wood coating for the customer. This is how we reach the ultimate goal of a customer relationship: complete trust.

Personal touch and partnership

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Services to support your business

Services to support your business

Our comprehensive support services help us create innovative products that are unique to each customer, with performance that lasts.

Technical Services

Technical services

Our technical services include production line optimization, on-site color management, lab services and analytical services.

Color and Design

Colour and Design

As a global supplier of industrial wood finishes for over 200 years, we have sector-leading expertise and up-to-the-minute market insights.

Panel Testing

Panel testing

With our global weathering program, you can be assured that the performance of our products will match your demands.

Innovation, quality, service and partnership – the values that make us the leading brand in wood coatings.