ArmorLuxTM WF 9810-XX

Exterior Waterborne

Introducing ArmorLux WF 9810-XX, our high-performance waterborne translucent topcoat for wooden windows, doors, sidings and claddings.

ArmorLux WF 9810-XX is a robust waterborne translucent coating designed to deliver maximum durability and lifespan for exterior applications, with many features and benefits to support you and add value to your business.

Premium performance:

  • Superior adhesion and scratch resistance delivers
    excellent durability
  • Easy application with good flow and excellent leveling
  • Exceptional build properties with no dirt pick-up
  • Delivers a transparent, smooth, natural finish for a premium result

Simplified choice:

  • Ideal for multiple end-uses: windows to doors, sidings to cladding
  • Suitable for all wood types: softwood to hardwood to wood-alu
  •  Ready mixed and custom colors available, with 897 tints providing flexible color options

Peace of mind:

  • Validated outdoor exposure data with our Global Weathering Program
  • Proven track record with over 20 years in the market (across the EMEA region)
  • Meets WDMA TM-12 specifications
  •  3 year warranty available

Unmatched performance.

  • Spray application up to 300 µm ArmorLux WF 9810-XX can easily be sprayed up to 300 µm with good flow, excellent leveling and a super-smooth surface. Its reduced grain-raising ensures a superior end result.
  • Excellent durability with no dirt pick-up ArmorLux WF 9810-XX did not show any dirt pick-up after outdoor exposure in our Global Weathering Program.